Christmas Lights

Christmas holidays and the new year 2021 are already coming. If you want to decorate your home and Christmas tree with Christmas lights brightly and beautifully, then these lights are exactly what you need. is currently selling various garlands and lights for decoration.

Prices start from 2 USD for a garland including delivery. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your home or apartment bright and beautiful.

Some items are fully programmable fom your smartphone.

You either select pre-made light designs and animations from the app or even program your own design to match your favorite sports teams colors, and unique animation, and more.

All lights can be remotely controlled by the application available on iOS App Store.

The setup is really easy and takes just a moment thanks to the Bluetooth pairing. Wi-Fi Connection. The lights can be setup with your local home/office Wi-Fi so that you don’t need to establish a connection every time you use the light.

The products have IP44 protection which makes them perfect for both indoor and Outdoor use.

You can easy order your Christmas lights on now and enjoy holidays.


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Hi, folks!

From now we have Facebook page, where you can find our recent posts, interesting ideas for gifts and so on.

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Christmas cool mug

Hello everyone!
Today I want to tell about a banal simple thing – a Christmas mug.
It seems to be a simple and ordinary thing, but it can become a good gift for friends and your family or friends.

Moreover, now a lot of cool and funny images can be found on
Prices for such a mug start at 9 USD + 9USD for delivery. You can find it even cheaper.
Merry Christmas!


Nice Christmas sweaters!

2020 was not an easy year, but it is already coming to an end. Christmas is on its way and the year 2021 as well. To brighten up the atmosphere and please yourself, you can buy these wonderful things on ebay. Let them brighten up your days!

For example, you can buy a nice sweater for cheap price. About 13-14 USD and free shipping. It might be a good gift for your friends or family.

Material: polyester

Food and drinks

Stainless Steel Refillable Reusable Coffee Capsule Pod for Nespresso – US $10.09 FREE SHIPPING

Hi, folks, i have found something interesting on Ebay for coffee maniacs. If you like to drink coffee as i do, you will like it.

Usually for coffe preparation i use Nespresso coffee machine with capsules. But capsules are expensive… So, if i could use reusable coffee capsule? Yes! And here it is.

ICafilas Stainless Steel Refillable Reusable Coffee Capsule Strainer Coffee Pod Filters for Nespresso Coffee 

It can be used indefinitely and rich in oils and fats.
It is resistant to fall, environmental protection, saving, and can use its favorite coffee powder, rich in taste.

Material: 304 stainless steel
Product size: the top diameter is about 36.7mm/1.44″, the bottom diameter is about 23mm/0.91″, and the height is about 27mm/1.06″.
Net weight: about 0.04kg/pcs
Size: 36.7*36.7*27mm/1.44*1.44*1.06″
Weight: 40g
Packing: OPP bag, single package.
Use effect: the coffee oil washed out is rich, the taste is good, and the life is long.
Applicable models: For Nespresso U; CitiZ (Not Fit for D110 and Prodigio Krups); Pixie; Le Cube; Maestria; Lattissima; Inissia Concept;

US $10.09 Free shipping